This morning the puppies had a new adventure; they went “swimming” in our big bath tub.  They did not know what to think about it but, they still had fun.  Tim and I had two families come pick out puppies today.  All of them were wonderful people and should be great homes for the babies.  Tim and I also took new puppy portraits for the website.  I am happy to report that of the 24 pictures I needed I only had to take 48 pictures, much better than the last time we took pictures.  The pictures I think turned out great.  Today was not the best day for potty training.  Every time we took them out to go potty they would do their business and come in and pee again.  No luck today; we were running puppies outside every 15 minutes it felt like.  I do have to say that Tim did admit that he fill they food dish up with way to much water and of course they drank it all.  His explanation is that the babies have a tummy the size of a tennis ball and a bladder the size of a golf ball; it was defiantly made sense today!  I guess everyday can’t be perfect as far as potty training is concerned.  SoBe is out playing with Tim right now; they are wrestling, he can get her very rilled up.  Mini and Trixie were out with us most of the day while we waited for people to come look at puppies.  It was an overall good day!  Gave Mini and SoBe and the puppies a day off from training.  Tomorrow is Presidents Day; who is your favorite President?