Well, the puppies can climb stairs my magazine paid the ultimate price.  I had it sitting on the stairs and while they were playing one went up the stairs and got it down and everyone decided that it would be fun to shred.  Tim and I put up a puppy pen in the front part of our fenced in yard.  It was so warm out today we decided the babies could be out for a while and play…they had a lot of fun in the snow.  Today Tim and I did a bunch of errands in Alexandria and, did yard work that we were waiting for warmer weather for.  All the girls were out with us last night: Trixie, Kahlua, Mini, and SoBe.  They all snuggled with us on the couch while Tim and I watched some UFC.  There is a family coming to look at puppies tomorrow; they are picking out a little boy; I think another family is suppose to come tomorrow as well, they are getting picking out a little girl.  I have the perfect puppy in mind for them!  I hope tomorrow is as warm as today; I want to do some training with out my heavy winter gear.