I am being attacked from all directions; the kitchen floor is a swarm of fur and teeth and their prey is my slippers and pant legs.  The puppies teeth are extremely sharp and if Tim and I don’t wear slippers our toes would not make it out alive.  Lots happened today.  The puppies all got baths; they enjoy them with no complaints.  I have a slight problem with Swamp Water (liver & white, Trixie), she has a tendency to scout out the freezer when it is open; I would think that she gets enough cold from being outside but, then again, the outside does not have frozen birds in it.  Spritzer ( liver & white, Kahlua) decided to brave going up the stairs but, not so brave to go down them so, Tim came to the rescue.  While everyone was sleeping just now Pina Colada ( black & white, Kahlua) decided she was not tired and was playing all by herself with the noisy water bottle (the one with pennies in it); the other babies did not mind the noise and continued to sleep.  I invested in a new tote to carry the puppies out to potty.  The other one cracked and broke from all the weight so, hopefully, this one will with stand the weight of 14 growing puppies.  The puppies have figured out that when they get dumped outside they are to go potty.  When I come back outside after they are done, they all gather around me, awaiting their turn to be put back in the tote to go back inside; smart puppies! Of course Tim and I get lots of practice counting to 14 when we package them back up to go inside.  My kitchen is starting to sound like a war zone with all of the “fighting” that goes on between the puppies; everyday they get louder!   I have so wonderful people coming to look at puppies this Sunday; it should be fun!  Mini did not protest today, she did great out in the snow with retrieves (no barking).  She did spend some time after training running around scooping snow and eating it.  SoBe did good, she worked with pheasants and delivering them; still getting the hang of how big they are in her mouth.  She had lots of fun in the fresh powder snow with her retrieves.