Happy Valentines Day!
The puppies are officially ankle biters.  They spent most of the day in the kitchen playing on the floor.  When you walk pole vault over the gates we have up they attack you like little Pack Men.  Swamp Water (liver & white, Trixie) was playing hard with Rumrunner (black & white, Kahlua); they were making quite the ruckus!  The babies played with the pigeon and pheasant wings; they are old enough/ big enough to be able to pick them up and carry them around.  I also have little jingle tennis balls that they have been playing with as well.  Tim stayed home with us (me and the dogs) today for Valentines since I have to work tonight at the hospital.  He did a great job of getting everything done while I slept.  The weather is soooo cold here; -6 degrees.  I trained SoBe today on “backs.”  She did great and, when we were done her face was covered in snow.  She looked 10 years older.  Mini on the other hand did not want to train in the cold; she protested.  I really can’t blame her; by the time it was her turn the wind picked up, the snow was really blowing, and I swear that the temperature had dropped another 10 degrees.  I was COLD…so no fault to her.