The puppies are 5 weeks old today!  They are getting so big and each puppy is displaying his or her personality.  Tim split the puppies up today in separate crates; seven with Kahlua and seven with Trixie.  They did great.  The puppies are doing wonderful with the potty training; everyday they get better.  The babies love to play in the snow; we got so far 2 inches today.  The wind is blowing so we don’t leave them out to long; they come in covered with snow flakes.  I can make out the individual designs of the flakes against their rich liver color fur.  They also look very cute when they have their noses and faces covered with snow.  The puppies played on the kitchen floor a bit with each other; they are getting louder each day.  No training today; the blizzard like conditions don’t exactly make it condusive.  I will hopefully train tomorrow.  Stay out of the wind!