Thump…..That is what it sounds like when a puppy escapes from the half crate.  Tim and I have become accustom to hearing that over that last couple of days.  The babies are mobile and don’t not want to be penned up; they want to be free to run as they please, at least in the confines of the kitchen.  Tim made them a cool toy last night and cheap I might add.  He took a water bottle and put pennies in it and gave it to them.  The puppies loved it!  They spent an hour chasing it around.  We also gave them a pigeon and a pheasant wing to play with.  Gin Tonic (liver & white, Kahlua) received a bath today; he was a little dirty.  I also did the mommas a favor and clipped the babies nails.  They were little talons and were cutting up Trixie and Kahlua’s utters.  The puppies everyday voice their opinions loudly and really don’t take no for an answer.  Potty training is going well; I am their biggest fan when it comes to performing that task and I cheer them on loudly.  Mini and SoBe trained with me in the fresh snow today.  Mini worked on “backs” and SoBe worked with a pheasant.  She is getting use to the size and feathers in her mouth…it is coming.  As Chuck Nelson (Doorcreek Springers) says, “Progression not Perfection”.