The snow looks so good…..That is what the puppies think when I put them out into this morning.  They all went potty with me cheering them along afterwards they all decided to eat the snow.  I am happy to report that they did not eat the yellow snow.  They are so cute out in the yard; they play and romp until they get to cold and all huddle together; that is my que to go pick them up and tote them back inside.  O my gosh, they are getting heavy by the way, instead of carrying them to the door I slide them across the floor.  I had an escapee today; her name was Martini (liver & white female, Kahlua) she just did not want to snuggle with everyone else; she wanted to cruise the house.  The puppies all got baths today which left me with a soaked t shirt.  I turned the heater on for them and they all piled on top of each other so all I could see was their little eyes looking up at me.  Mini worked on “backs” today and did good.  SoBe worked with pheasants and picking them up; they are still new to her so that is what we are working on.  She needs to have it down for spring trialling season.  I think that I am going to run Mini in Wisconsin coming up here soon.  Tia we miss you!