Nothing much happened today.  Tim took care of the puppies while I relaxed a little bit today.  The puppies ate and Jelly Bean (liver & white female of Trixie) fell asleep in the food dish; it was so cute.  I wish I knew where my camera was so, I could of taken a picture.  My camera is missing in action; my husband has a tendency to borrow it for his job and not bring it back.  The tricky part of potty training is when they are eating/ getting done eating; we have to watch them very carefully.  Ace and Tyrael are with Tim in the office chewing bones and Mini is with me in the bedroom watching TV.  SoBe and Mini had the day off….it is really cold out but, tomorrow should be warmer.  I need to work on “backs” with the girls.  I have pigeons for the puppies; they are getting so big!