They were sound asleep all nuzzled and snuggled warm until I scooped them up and tossed them outside into the arctic blast which was the “morning breeze” this morning at 5:45am. Tim and I got up early this morning so I could go down to Montgomery to train SoBe and Mini and also deliver Tia and Chelsea to their family in Lakeville. Tim stayed home and took care of the babies while I made the adventure down south on 94 in the freezing, blowing, snowing, cold. We trained in a blizzard; we could not even hear the birds get up and fly. The dogs were temporarily white sheep dogs with all the snow that covered them….but they did not seem to mind; all Mini and SoBe had on their minds were BIRDS! I on the other hand was thinking about staying warm and “which way did they go” in the piercing sharp wind. Keeping track of them was a little challenging in the white wind. Mini did great; SoBe did good…she is learning more every time when I run her on pheasants. I dropped Tia off with her family; I was sad to see her go but, I know that I will get to play with her again in the future. She was a lot of fun and joy to have around the house. Her owners are back from Mexico and, I could not have picked a better day for them to return….typical Minnesota weather (I should be nice but, I am still a little jealous that they were in warm Mexico and I was here).  Tia’s owners brought back a very wonderful gift for us, a bottle of tequila; Tim loves the stuff and collects it. I bought the dogs all smoked beef knuckles from the butcher and my house smells like a smoke house. It really is not that bad until Tim and I are hungry and the smell makes us crave beef. The dogs enjoy them in their crates to avoid “musical bone” and the occasional tiff that might occur. The puppy hang from their mommas like little leeches…Trixie and Kahlua don’t even bother to lay down anymore. The puppies just sit on their little butts stretch out their necks and nurse until they are full or should I say until the mommas decide to walk away. It is humerous to see Trixie walk around in the kitchen with four puppies literally being dragged. The babies are doing great with potty training. They let us know when they have to go out when they are in their half kennel. I must say they are VERY loud….the sound of a unhappy puppy definitely catches your ear….I swear even if you were deaf you could hear them. There is no doubt that they have great lung capacity and strong vocal cords. Jimmy, Baker, Ace are hanging out with us along with Mini who wants to perch in my lap but was denied…I can’t type with her in guarding me from the other dogs. Stay warm and out of the wind; it is a killer.