The puppies go out every 2 hours to go potty…I feel a little silly praising them at 7 in the morning yelling, “good potty,” and clapping my hands but, it needs to be done.  I brought Dreamy (liver & white female) to sleep with us this morning…she could not get comfortable with the other babies and was protesting loudly.  The puppies now scream at the top of their lungs to go out potty which is great; it lets me know that they have to go.  Tim and I played with them on the kitchen floor with pheasant wings; they are getting into it.  They tumble around on the floor with one another; very rambunctious.  Going to train in Montgomery tomorrow before the weather get bad; it will be a race.  I am also bringing Tia home tomorrow; it will be a little sad to see her go but, she will be ecstatic to go home and be with her family.  Tim is staying home tomorrow  to take care of the puppies while I go take care of things in the cities.   Mini and Trixie are playing with a toy right now; Trixie is loudly barking…..I have to say Tim is NOT helping the situation by teasing them both; I am about to kick him out of the here along with the dogs.