Well, today was successful as far as potty training goes.  I only had a couple of accidents but, it was my fault because I did not move fast enough to get the babies outside fast enough.  We move them by piling them into a laundry tote and carry them outside and “dump” them out onto the ground.  It will be interesting when they get older or should I say heavier; I guess I will be building my muscles even more.  They don’t exactly like going outside in the cold but, it needs to be done.  They did play in the fresh snow; it was cute. When they get inside after going potty they get to play on the kitchen floor.  Most of the time they play for 20 minutes and fall asleep in a big pile…they have all the room in the world and they still sleep in a huge pile of puppy.  Mini and SoBe trained today.  They did good.  Not much else happened today.  I am not looking forward to the weekend; it is suppose to be cold.  I have to get training in when the weather is warm.