Last night the puppies got baths in the kitchen sink under the faucet.  Tim awaited with a warm towel to cuddle and dry them.  We then put them on the floor in the kitchen to play; they were little fluff balls…so cute.  What made it even more precious was that they were scratching and itching with their little paws… is so hard to say “no” to something that cute (my husband is very good at saying “no” by the way).  I am living my day 2 hours at a time now.  The puppies go out every two hours starting today which, happens to be their 4 week birthday.  Tim and I sat on the kitchen floor with them and played with pheasant wings and wrestled with them.  Tyrael let the babies play with him; he enjoyed it until they started to try to nurse on him….he is missing some crucial parts.  They had their tails up and wagging;  their shining personalities become more apparent everyday.  I trained today; I did not even need my heavy winter gear.  Mini and SoBe had retreives thrown for them and Tia worked on “hups”.   I can walk away 50 yards from her and have her stay.  I can call her in with a trill on the whistle and stop her half way…like red light, green light.  Tia is a good retriever so, I have not been focusing on that skill while I am puppy sitting her.  She does go home on Saturday; I will be a  little bummed, it is great having her around.  Mini is carrying around a bundle of my socks right now and Kahlua wants to play with Mini and her “toy” (my socks are not a real toy but, Mini likes carrying around anything).  Kahlua is trying soooo hard to get Mini to play with her; actually it is annoying, her barking is making my ears ring.  Ace is in Tim’s lap on the futon (we are both in the office) enjoying the attention.  Tim and I had a Pheasants Forever meeting tonight; I am the chapter secretary and Tim is a committee member.  Sometimes it is hard to keep all of our clubs and committees separate; we belong to numerous organizations.  Stay warm….the cold is on its way back!