It snowed all day today; very wet sticky snow, the kind that melts instantly when brought into the house so, I spent most of the day cleaning up after the dogs.  Cleaning is a full time job with all the babies and adults I have in the house. I decided to beat the puppies to the punch line and put them on the kitchen floor; they can escape at will now from the whelping box.   They enjoyed being on the floor able to actually run around but, they spent most of the time trying to catch Trixie and Kahlua for a meal “on the go”.  Gives fast food a whole new meaning.  They puppies have most of their teeth which, I found out when one decided to gnaw on my big toe; they are sharp.  So, puppy food is on the menu for tomorrow!  Tia and I worked on “hups” again today; she is getting very good at it.  The other dogs and I did not train because, the wet snow makes it difficult to operate the buoy launcher and a headache normally pursues afterward when trying desperately to make it fire.  I saved the dogs from the headache along with a lot frustration on my part.  Tomorrow is a new day!