The natives are restless in their white shredded paper jungle.  It is just a matter of days until all of them will be able to escape the confines of their wooden walled world.  The puppies played in their new bedding like it was snow; they wake up right away when it starts to fall from the sky above them like ice flurries.  I vacuumed the dog room and all of their crates.  It is important to stay on top of the cleaning; especially when you have 24 dogs in your house.  The dogs had the day off from training; they worked hard yesterday.  Ace, Mini, Jimmy, Trixie, and Kahlua all watched the Super Bowl with Tim and I.  I was excited that the Gaints won.  Tim got home from drill just in time to see kick off; I guess the Army does not care that they scheduled drill for Super Bowl weekend….o well; its the Army.  I hope the weather continues to be warm; like I said it is no fun training when spit freezes to your whistle!