BLINK… just like that the puppies went from newborn babies I could hold in the palm of my hand to bright eyed mobile little Trixies and Kahluas with personalities of their own.  This morning as Tim was getting ready for drill a little tough guy peered up at him with those challenging blue eyes and let out a bark… yes, now they are barking; I can add that to my list of noises that are rapidly filling my not-so-sound-proof house.  I have to say the puppies are becoming more insistent on attention from their moms and me.  The babies are now trying to adventure beyond their whelping box since they had a taste of what it was like yesterday… one did succeed in escaping.  I watched as he (Slammer) pulled his little body up and over the edge with a little hesitation as he plopped onto the kitchen floor.  Pretty soon they will be eating puppy food and will be taken outside to go potty; all part of the training I do before they go to their new families.  I took Mini and SoBe to Montgomery to train.  Mini did great, no noise, and took a runner (pheasant) down course 60 yards; I was pleased.  SoBe ran on pheasants for the first time; she did great.  She stayed steady which is good.  I ran her twice today; productive day.  All the guys were there and ran their dogs; all went good.  The weather was nice, not to cold, not to warm… just right.  Jimmy was out tonight with us while we were watching the AKC Eukanuba dog show.  I find it interesting that he could have his choice of the chair or the couch in the living room and he chooses to sleep curled up in a LITTLE ball on my sweat shirt that has fallen off of the back of the couch… go figure!  Silly boy!