I had some wonderful people come pick out a puppy today; they brought their grandson, he was so cute!  They chose Swamp Water (I call her Swampy).  She is a liver and white female and is a very different looking springer.  Her mask is wide; instead of liver around both of her eyes she has one liver and one white.  She also has white on her ear.  She is a cutie.  The puppies got lots of attention from our visitors.  Their grandson help a couple of puppies and seemed to enjoy it.  He has the cutest smile.  The puppies cruised on the kitchen floor.  Wow, they got going when they had the room to go.  They move fast!  The puppies are starting to mouth each other and, they personalities appear a little more each day.  I am still trying to keep all their names straight; I use the chart I have next to the whelping box.  I trained today in the warm weather; it was great!  Mini and SoBe… more yard work.  Tia did great!  She “hups” for me and retrievers wonderful too.  I am going to take her out to the field tomorrow and see how she does quartering with pigeons and, we are going to play some “hup” and seek.  I am excited to go down to Montgomery (Bill and Betty’s place) to train with the guys; even though, Bill is still gone in Texas (I will bring Betty some goodies).  Enjoy the weather while you can!