The puppies are showing their unique personalities to Tim and I over the days; especially today.  They are talking and growling trying to communicate with each other and us.  I squeezed into the whelping box today and played with the babies.  They are getting more interactive with me when I play with them.  The house has never been so noisy….I love it.  I scrubbed the dog’s room top to bottom today with bleach. I also scrubbed the crates out as well.  It needs to be done every week especially with all the water the dogs track in from outside along with all the dirt.  Today the weather was better; 11 above zero.  I trained Mini and SoBe today; lots of retrieves.  Yard work must be done no matter how boring it might be; it is good for the dogs to have a solid base.  Yard work provides the base for everything out in the field. Tia did great today “hupping” and retrieving; I took the Flexi lead off of her today and she did great!  Shay had a little difficulty today; I don’t know what was up with her today….everyone has their off days.  I have a couple coming to look at puppies tomorrow.  It should be fun!  I hope to train in the field down in Montgomery (at Bill’s) on Saturday while Tim is away at drill.