I had the pleasure of learning how to change my transmission fluid yesterday in the COLD!  I needed to change it because my Jeep was shifting weird; I know that the cold has a lot to do with it but, I did it anyway with the help of my trusty friend Andy.  No, my husband was no where to be found.  When it comes to vehicle repair he is about inept about it as I am at cooking.  I do most of the vehicle repair stuff myself, grease under the fingernails and all.  We pulled the Jeep into the barn and used the pits to change the fluid but, it was still soooo cold that it took us a while to do it; we went up to the house to take much needed breaks to warm up.  I could not feel my fingers most of the time which, I might say makes it difficult to hold onto the bolts.  Now, the Jeep is shifting well and I feel a lot more confident in it; I just wish we would of done it the day before when it was 38 degrees instead of -20.  Thanks Andy; I appreciate you sticking it out in the cold with me to get the job done!