O MY GOSH IT IS SOOOO COLD OUT! The only thing I did today was try and stay warm. I crawled into the whelping box and snuggled with all of the puppies; they are so warm. They just crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. I spend lots of time in the whelping box with them.   The babies are 3 weeks old today; they are growing fast!  There is this one puppy (black & white male) his name is Gin Fizz… Fizzy, he is a talker… he growls at everything and everyone; it is very entertaining.   Swamp Water (liver & white female) could not get comfortable last night so, Tim picked her up and brought her to me while we were watching TV; she settled down and fell asleep in no time.  The puppies sleep in a BIG pile in the south side of the whelping box; I am surprised the puppy on the bottom can breath!  No training today; way to cold out; I don’t want to even go out and get the mail it is so cold.