Tim and I could hear the puppies from the warm comfort of our bed this morning; they are getting vocal.  They now come running to the edge of the whelping box when Tim or I stand there.  They want attention; it is so hard to say no to those beautiful blue pleading eyes.  The fight and wrestle with each other more frequently.  I can hear them now as I sit upstairs in the office.  Tia and Shay did retrieves inside because it was horribly cold outside today.  The wind was frightful; I swear I thought the house was going to come down.  The dogs were all toasty warm in their room in crates; they had smiles on their faces as I checked in on them all day to let them out.  Trixie mosied all though out the house last night; she could not find a place that she was comfortable at. Tyral slept in his usual spot last night; he slumbers on the top step of our stairs.  Mini slept between Tim and I under the covers and kept us very warm; she is a little heater when it is cold out.  Kahlua has been out most of the day taking care of her babies along with Trixie.  Mini and SoBe had the day off because it was soooo cold today.