It was a great day today with the high of 37 degrees; however, the high for tomorrow is going to be 0 with a low of -21 degrees….only in Minnesota!  There is a wind advisory for the area; it is blowing hard outside, the house is swaying in the “breeze.”  The puppies are starting to play with one another; it was entertaining to watch.  It is getting harder for me in climb into the whelping box and sit because their size is increasing. The puppies officially need two hands to be held. They were held today by other people besides Tim and I; our friends (Dan & Andy) came over and handled them today.  The babies are very squirmy; they just will not hold still, constantly moving / looking for where their next meal is coming from (I might add they get disappointed with Tim and I because we don’t have a nipple to offer and they protest loudly). The mommas are getting less protective of the babies as the days go by; they are not so weary of who is handling them and where they are. We don’t get looks of anxiety and fright from Trixie & Kahlua anymore when we tote a baby way from the protection of the whelping box.   They are growing so fast.  I trained Mini and SoBe today.  SoBe got hand retrieves and Mini got the buoy launcher which, if gets wet does not work; it makes it very interesting in the snow.  Shay and Tia had the day off.  Stay Warm!!