Tim and I did the unthinkable…well, not really it just took a lot of patience. We took pictures of all the puppies; their faces and backs so, people can see their markings on their back and face. I think it took about 45 minutes to do; all 14 puppies x 2 pictures per puppy equals 28 pictures. I might add that I had more than 28 pictures on my camera. I think that I had close to 100. So, you can see that it was quite the little project to undertake. The pictures will go on the website under puppies. I also named all the puppies today as well. Of course in Harvest Hunters Fashion I named then after drinks. I will have the receipts next to the pictures when I get them on the website for each baby.  Jimmy chilled with us last night in the office; he lounged on his back with his legs flopped over, he looked very comfortable.  Mini snuggled in my lap as I read and Tim played World of War online.  I trained today and it was WARM….38 degrees; I trained without my snow gear and in a light jacket. The snow melted some so, hopefully I will be able to run dogs in the field tomorrow. I did retrieves with SoBe and “backs” with Mini. Tia and I worked on “hups” outside and retrieves; she did great, very smart little girl for 7 months old! She made her momma proud! What a gorgeous day!!