The whelping box is getting smaller as everyone is growing!  They now have plenty of paper shavings to play in; it lookis like snow.  One of the little liver and white females wagged her tail today it was sooo cute.  When the mammas enter the kitchen the all babies wake up from their slumber and anxiously await to be fed.  They all loudly voice their opinions now.   There are periods of humming and silence and then there are times of chirping and whining….yes they are starting to whine, loudly I might add.  I go through empty nest syndrome when all the puppies are sold; but not right now, the house is full of puppy noises.  Tia did great today “hupping” for me.  I did not train the other dogs today….I had so many errands to run with Tim; I try and take advantage of him when he has the day off!!  Jimmy is hanging out with Tim tonight along with Trixie, Kahlua, and Mini.