2008_01250009puppies 2 jan 2008Huge Puppy Pile!!! It is official; the puppies are adorable! They are not just scooching along on their tummies anymore; they are supporting their own weight with their legs and walking. They are still a little tipsy but, they will be that way for the next couple of days. Their cloudy blue eyes are clearing up and their ears are open. They are responsive to noise now. Their chirps and growls are getting louder and more decisive but, all you can hear is cooing and humming when they are peacefully sound to sleep. Once in a while a puppy will growl in its sleep; it makes me wonder what they are dreaming about. I trained dogs today. SoBe and Mini worked on retrieves; SoBe with the launcher and Mini with hand throws. I have to comment, for those who know Mini , she did not make a sound! Shay did great with her frozen pigeon retrieves. Tia woke us up at 6am to go potty which, is good but, not the time my dogs normally wake up. We worked on “hupping” on the whistle. She now can be anywhere in the house and, see me, hup and stay until I call her in. She is an excellent retriever too, she had fun with frozen pigeons outside in the snow on a flexi lead. She has been hanging out with her mom in the kitchen lately. I still have to say, I wish I was with her owners in warm Mexico drinking Pina Coladas. It is suppose to be in the 30’s this weekend so, I am stoked. 2008_01250013Tia jan 2008