Andy and his new Winchester 1200 pump shot gun.What a guy and I don’t mean my husband. Who am I referring to you might wonder, well, it is my awesome web designer, Andy. He has been the know all and do all of putting this website together for me and I have to say I think the website is FANTASTIC. Right now he is feverishly slaving over a keyboard to make my photos page perfect for you all to view. He has also do a wonderful job teaching me how to write, edit, manage, and post pictures for this webpage, which, I might add was probably no easy feat! I think I might have drove him crazy with all of my questions and, “Will you show me how to do that again?” So………………..hats off to Andy and all his hard work! I know that I apperciate more than words can say right now. What a STUD!Andy puts the truck in the ditch in Baudette