The puppy pen looks like a wiggling pile of  furry spaghetti.  They are getting more and more mobile as their eyes are opening and clearing up.  I saw the cutest thing; a black and white puppy shaked and his ears went everywhere and threw him off balance, he then proceeded to fall over.  It was sooo cute.  Tia showed up today; she is a gorgeous liver and white tri color springer.  I get to play with her while her family is away in sunny Mexico drinking Coronas.  I am jealous; I am also a little envious of Bill who is in Texas for a couple weeks training and trialing dogs under the nice warm sun.  We call her Swamp Water...After the drinkUnlike me who is out training in 16 degree weather which I might ass is better than the -2 below that I trained on Monday.  I did train today; I worked on “backs” with SoBe and Mini along with retrieves for the little girls (frozen pigeons).  By the way frozen pigeons start to go stale and smell bad after 3-4 uses.  I am excited to play with Tia tomorrow and see what she can do!