The puppies are 2 weeks old exactly.  They are getting big or should I say rolly polly.  8 of the puppies have their eyes open and 6 are pretty much still shut.  Their eyes are still cloudy…yes, all puppies are born with blue eyes and they change from there to brown or whatever color.  I measured the length of the little guys today because I was a little bored.  The longest from tip of nose to butt is 11 1/4 inches long and the smallest/ shortest is 9 inches so, you can see there is a variety in the size of all the puppies…..I have to say that Trixie’s are the larger ones.  I was chilling with the babies and I picked up the little black & white  male of Kahlua’s and he had something to say about it.  He growled and growled at me.  I laughed so hard because the more I riled him up the more he growled and the louder it was.  He has the cutes black speckles on his nose.  I have decided that later today I will be filing down the puppies nail because they are like little talons, sharp.  Right now it is -6 degrees out so, I am not going to venture out and train dogs.  I will go out tomorrow because it will be a high of 24 degrees…only in Minnesota do you have a swing in temperature like that.  Plus, dogs need a little break from training or they will get bored with it.  Tomorrow I will work on “backs” with the big dogs and more retrieves for the little girls (Shay & Brook).  Tia is coming tomorrow as well; I am excited to puppy sit for the Sole family.  I love having the opportunity to watch dogs from previous litters; it is so much fun to see how they have grown.