I HATE my kitchen floor!  It is composed of that wonderful sticky tile that, I might add is not worth the 9.99$ you pay for 24 tiles.  The idea is that it is a quick, extremely cheap, fix to any flooring needs that you might have.  The individuals that owned my house before me put it down in the kitchen.  What they did not do is prep the floor right and stuck the tiles directly to the hardwood floor.  When I say hardwood I mean not finished/ sanded floor.  So, over the years the tile has molded to the peaks and valleys of the hardwood floor beneath.  Now, the tiles are chipping up and the floor underneath is being revealed and it looks HORRIBLE, never mind the pink flowered tile that is my kitchen floor.  So, now I have dark wood flooring in places in conjunction with my pink tile which, I might add my husband bitches about all the time.  I have to constantly remind him that I did not choose the wonderful sticky tile that is my current kitchen floor.  I have what I want in mind but, then I think about all the work it is going to be to scrape all of the still stuck on tiles off of the floor, I cry.  I guess I will just have to suck it up and do it, hopefully I will get some help from my friends, hint hint Dan.