Kahlua Puppy 13 days oldGrrrrr…….That is what you her when you walk into the kitchen where the puppies are.  They are starting to growl and it is so cute.  The whelping box is a moving mass of white/black/liver fur now.  Their eyes are opening wider everyday but are still cloudy.  The first puppy to open her eyes is a little black & white female of Kahlua’s; she is sold to a family in Oligvie.  The bigger or should I say chunkier ones can hold their heads up.  I crawled into the whelping box last night while the mamma’s were eating their dinner and snuggled all the babies.  To my suprise Tim crawled in to and took a seat right next to me…it was a tight fit but, we made it work.  The puppies were a little frusterated and, might I add protested, that we did not have any dinner to offer them but, it was not for lack of them not trying to find a nipple to latch on to.  Shay decided to be brave today and jump into the whelping box; as I made my way to extract her she snuggled down with the puppies and did not want to leave.  It was cute!  I trained dogs today. Yard work…lots of fun let me tell you.  I wish some of the snow would melt so I could get out in the field and run the dogs but, until the snow is not so deep it is not an option.  The fields are seas of white hard, deep snow.  I took Shay outside and gave her retrieves with a collar on with pigeons.  I also hooked a flexi lead up to her so, she learns to bring the pigeon right back, just a tip for those of you who spend most of your training session chasing your puppy to bring back a retreive.  Mini and SoBe did great with the honor drills so, hopefully that will not be a problem this spring when I run them.  For those of you who know Mini, not a peep on retreives.