Puppies 12 days oldThey are GROWING so fast.  Eyes are opening and they are huge; all credit goes to the wonderful mamma’s that keep them well fed.  They have earned the term of endearment “Fatties” from Tim.  I held one puppy this morning that all he could do is yawn; it was so cute, I got a great view of his incoming teeth.  The babies are so warm and snugly; it is hard for me not to fall asleep with them in the whelping box.  Trixie and Kahlua decided to cupboard surf this morning hanging ten on a wave of flour through out my living room.  Needless to say Tim and I spent the mid morning erasing flour dog paws from all of the furniture and carpet.  They had enough baking supplies strewn through out the living room to bake a four layer wedding cake!  The weather was nice today so, I trained the dogs.  Lots of Retrieves, no frozen spit on the whistle how very exciting.  I am working on honors with Mini and SoBe; it is going good.  I think that Shay (Bill Boeckman’s puppy) is ready for the buoy launcher.  She gets really exciting when she hears it fire so, I will give it a try tomorrow.