Well, there is so new stuff going on in Tim and my life.  We just bought our house on the 28th of Decemeber, yes, we did sign away our lives.  Tim’s job is going great with Farm Bureau Finacial Service (hint if you need any assistance he can help!).  I am waiting for the doctors to decide what they are going to do with my arm. I am taking care of puppies and everyday catering to their every need.  I wish that it was not so cold right now…..-20 degrees.  Tim and I are getting ready for him to go on deployment for 6 months to Maryland.  I am a little nervous about being alone again but, that is what all those guns in my house are for….     My dad is over seas in the middle east working for Dyna Corp; he is gone for a year.  A little weird to go home and not have him there.  Mom stays busy.  My sister probably driving her nuts while my little brother of the ripe age of 13 tries to stay sane in a house with two women….poor guy! We are a vehicle down; Tim hit a deer with my blue Ford Contour, which hade 265,000 miles on it.  It was a buck; he drove home with antlers protruding out of the wind shield needless to say we did not fix it.  Tim let a training pigeon fly around accidently in our living room; lets just say the feathers were flying as Brooke and Shay(puppies of Bill Boeckmans) enjoyed the chase.  Boys are dumb!!  Well, nothing else in new.  I am looking forward to the spring field trialing season with SoBe, Mini, and Ace all in the Amteur.