Well, the puppies are 12 days old and are starting to slowly open their eyes; just tiny cracks in the corners but, they are getting there.  They are getting mobile and can almost stand.  They smell soooo good…if only you could put puppy smell in a bottle and save it for later when they are all grown up doing something bad; break it open and remember the “cute” times.  I get to puppy sit one of Trixie’s puppies from the last litter.  She is a gorgeous tri- color liver and white female named Tia.  She comes on Thursday and stays to the 9th of Feb.  It should be a blast; I am excited.  Trixie got sick last night at 5 am; it was not fun to clean up at that hour….I heard the sound and then the smell only to realize that she came up stair next to the bed to share….yeah!  O well.  Mini snuggled between Tim and I with Jimmy and Tyrael at our feet.  kept us warm in this freezing weather.  No dog training today  to cold, just some basic obedience stuff.  When the snow is over the dogs shoulders in the field and they can’t run nothing productive will come out of the session so, we will hopefully do retrieves tomorrow with the launcher for some exercise.  Stay Warm!