The puppies are doing great.  They are 11 days old.   They’re all in the kitchen nice and warm in their whelping box listening to their classical music with both mamma’s watching them carefully.  The girls (Trixie and Kahlua) still get a little wary when the babies are totted away to be snuggled in human arms but what do you do……  Mini checks in on the puppies in and out of the whelping box; the girls don’t seem to mind.  When the boy dogs wander by that is a different story….lets just say they keep their distance for now.  The Puppies tails and dew claws are healing nicely and their coats are nice and shiny.  Trixie is learning that all of the babies are not hers and she HAS to share the nursing responsibilities with Kahlua.  I was working on this website most of the day and night so, no dog training today; plus it is really cold -20 degrees….spit freezes to your whistle when it is this cold out.